GBF in Battambang Hospital

GBF organizes an annual mission to Battambang in northeastern Cambodia at a local hospital. GBF missions last for roughly one week, including short cultural excursions.

Volunteers can also participate in this project independent of GBF scheduled missions at any time of the year to support the continuity of the program.

Volunteers work at the same health centre at Battambang hospital throughout the mission.
Acupuncturists will work primarily with a team of other acupuncturists, with opportunities to exchange with volunteers in other wards. Acupuncturists will have the chance to see returning patients and follow-up on treatments.

The patient flow is organized by the hospital and structured according to hospital working hours. The hospital provides an air-conditioned room for treatments as well as support services. Accommodation and working conditions are suitable for those unable to work in more physically strenuous conditions.

Languages required for mission: French and/or English

Missions report

Local language: Khmer
The founders of Global Balance Foundation first went to Cambodia in 2016 as part of a medical humanitarian mission, invited by Dr. Kim Lor, the project leader of SOS Cambodian Kids (SCK) and a longtime student of Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan and Si Yuan.

This first mission was the starting point for the development of GBF, setting the basis for partnerships with reliable collaborators in Cambodia and, eventually, Haiti.


In collaboration with SCK, volunteers can join a team of medical doctors and pharmacists as part of a comprehensive medical humanitarian relief project. These missions last roughly three weeks, including cultural excursions.

Volunteers travel with SCK to different rural health centres, treating a large number of patients and working as part of a medical team.
This mission offers the opportunity for acupuncturists to work in conjunction with other medical practitioners like dentists, pharmacists, ophthalmologists and general practitioners. Acupuncturists treat different patients every day and travel to a new location nearly every day.

The travel schedule, work environment and patient volume require good physical condition and adaptability.

Languages required for mission: French and/or English