Frequently Asked Questions

Why are internships with Si Yuan instructors only provided through GBF?

GBF missions are genuine apprenticeships where acupuncturists dedicated to assimilating both the technique and ethos of the Balance Method have the opportunity to get extensive hands-on teaching and supervision in a high-volume real-life clinical setting.  Apprentices are guaranteed to gain extensive practical experience that is perhaps more valuable than clocking a few hours in a clinic.  Si Yuan believes GBF missions in the long run will do more to advance the knowledge and experience of future Balance Method practitioners while providing genuine invaluable humanitarian connection at the same time.

What is the purpose of the suggested Supervision/Observation fee?

GBF’s mission extends beyond simply providing Balance Method acupuncturists with a unique apprenticeship opportunity.  While all the acupuncturists involved, including the master teachers, volunteer their time, it is important that GBF invest more directly in the communities that welcome them.

These donations go to support GBF to not only continue to provide these missions by supporting the administrative costs involved, but this also goes to the cost of educating local medical staff as well.   We are aiming to partner with these communities to spread the use and understanding of Balance Method acupuncture in a capacity that we can leave behind meaningfully when we are no longer physically present.

Why is Si Yuan Certification required to be able to volunteer as an Acupuncturist?

When we bring acupuncturists into any community, GBF’s mission is to assure the efficacy of our treatments and consistency in treatment results.  That is why we allow only Acupuncturists with a minimum training and practice of Si Yuan Balance Method to needle.  The determination as to who is able to join as an Acupuncturist is determined based on the strength of their application.  First Level Si Yuan Certification holders will always be given priority but we do consider those who are in the process of obtaining their certification.  Please note that Assisting Acupuncturists are only required to have attended one Si Yuan AcuCore training.  While the assistants will not be permitted to needle, this position is just as rewarding and valuable to the participant.

Can I obtain a grant from GBF to provide acupuncture in another region on my own?

Please email us a detailed project plan including details on all the people who will be involved, their training and experience with Balance Method Acupuncture, cost evaluation, duration, and any other information so that GBF can have a complete and precise understanding of your project.

I want to host a GBF mission, what is the process?

Currently, GBF’s priority is to develop and sustain 2 existing locations, which are in Cambodia and Haiti.  However, we welcome the possibility of other projects that embody GBF’s values.  Please email us detained information about your project.

I am also a MD (medical doctor).  Can I offer general consultation other than Balance Method Acupuncture during a mission?

No. GBF’s mission is to focus its action and efforts on Balance Method acupuncture treatments and trainings which require minimal material and supplies to provide effective and sustainable relief.  We do not have the capacity to bring other medical practitioners and we do not wish to distribute medications that wouldn’t be accessible to local patients after we leave.

I want to give away old clothes or used items, can I take it with me for the local population?

No.  GBF’s values are to encourage sustainability and local sourcing.  We also have very limited space in our local transportation and no ability or time to organize a proper and fair distribution to local people.

During a mission, can I choose my accommodation/food and join the team at the clinic only?

No.  To ensure the best possible experience for everyone in terms of planning, security and logistics, GBF organizes accommodation and food for the entire team.