GBF History

Global Balance Foundation takes its names from an acupuncture technique called the Balance Method used to restore harmony to the body. This technique was developed by the great acupuncture Master of modern times, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.

Dr. Tan’s Balance Method has increasingly gained prominence within acupuncture practice over the past two decades. Providing a logical framework to an ancient medicinal practice, the Balance Method allows acupuncturists to treat patients quickly and effectively without the costs and side effects associated with drugs, surgery and long hospital stays.

Three acupuncturists and disciples of Dr. Tan – Delphine Armand, Lapy Long and Paul Wang – recognized that the Balance Method was an ideal healthcare solution for the difficult conditions of remote communities in developing countries. The Balance Method allows acupuncturists to treat patients quickly and at very little cost. The simplicity of the method also means that GBF volunteers can teach patients and local healthcare practitioners how to continue treatment, offering a sustainable solution to healthcare shortages.

Joining a medical humanitarian mission to Cambodia in 2016 – organized by SOS Cambodian Kids – Delphine, Paul and Lapy confirmed the value of the Balance Method in humanitarian contexts but realized that in order to receive long-lasting effects, sustainable solutions would need to be found. Invited to return to Cambodia, Delphine, Paul and Lapy decided to formalize their humanitarian efforts by connecting with a local Cambodian hospital to implement an ongoing acupuncture program.

Returning to Cambodia in 2017 and 2018 with a growing team of volunteers, Delphine, Paul and Lapy realized humanitarian acupuncture missions had the potential to benefit both their acupuncture students and local patients. They decided to formalize their humanitarian efforts by setting up Global Balance Foundation.

GBF is working with local associations to offer free acupuncture treatments and education in existing care centres in Cambodia and in Haiti, with the aim of developing new locations for sustainable programs.

GBF acupuncturists have overcome the initial scepticism of some medical doctors and patients on missions, proving through consistent results the efficacy of the Balance Method.

On an average GBF mission, roughly 250 patients are successfully treated per day. With the help of a team of volunteer acupuncturists, GBF is setting the foundation for the development of sustainable programs that will help develop local healthcare capacity for marginalized communities.