Partners & Sponsors

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SOS Cambodian Kids

The non-profit association SOS CK was established on May 29th, 2014.
Its goal is to help impoverished children and their families in Cambodia on three levels: health, social and educational.
Every year, we organize a three-week mission to Cambodia.
Our team comprises doctors, pharmacists, acupuncturists, nurses, and dentists, as well as non-health professional volunteers.

Our actions:
– Provide care along with free medication within general medical practice,
– Provide care through acupuncture sessions with Si Yuan acupuncturists trained in Dr. Tan’s Balance Method,
– Build primary schools,
– Renovate health centres,
– Distribute clothing as well as school supplies,
– Distribute eye glasses,
– Provide dental care.

Helio Medical Supplies

Both Helio USA and Helio Australia support GBF missions by donating the necessary acupuncture supplies for all treatments.