Must Read before Applying to a Mission

Important Information

Since 2018, GBF has organized 2 missions per year. The first of 2020 took place in Haiti during March, just before the pandemic. The second was planned for Cambodia this October.
Unfortunately, following the developments of Covid-19, the conditions for entry into the Kingdom of Cambodia are too restrictive for our organization as well as our international volunteers.
In this context, GBF chooses to support our local partners from a distance while planning our next mission for 2021.
The application process for the next mission will be opened once it is confirmed. Please note that all applications are processed solely through the GBF application portal at No email applications will be accepted. The application window will be announced through the Si Yuan Balance Method Newsletter.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.

All positions with GBF require minimum fluency in medical and conversational English. Active membership to GBF is required to participate in any mission. These fees cover the costs associated with maintaining the association as well as the planning and organization of missions.

GBF Humanitarian Mission Positions

  • Acupuncturist

    Licensed acupuncturists trained in Si Yuan Balance Method can join GBF missions to provide acupuncture treatments to patients. This position offers the opportunity to observe and share with an experienced team of Balance Method practitioners.
    On certain missions, there will be the opportunity for clinical supervision under Si Yuan Balance Method instructors, who can provide advice and corrections on patient treatments. These supervised acupuncture positions count towards internship hours and Si Yuan Balance Method certification.

  • Assisting Acupuncturist

    Acupuncture students trained in Si Yuan Balance Method can join missions to observe Balance Method acupuncturists and assist in consultations.
    On certain missions, there will be the opportunity for clinical observation with Si Yuan Balance Method instructors, who can provide advice and corrections on patient consultations. These supervised Assisting Acupuncturist positions count towards internship hours as an assistant and Si Yuan Balance Method certification.

    GBF Clinical Observation and Supervision Fees for clinical supervision go towards supporting GBF’s work. The internship program includes:

    • Observation times
    • Question and debriefing periods
    • Corrections on needling technique
    • Sharing of the most effective protocols for commonly-seen conditions
    • Evaluation of case studies
  • Mission Assistant

    Volunteers with no acupuncture training are able to participate in GBF missions as operation assistants. Tasks may vary according to the needs of each mission. Requirements may vary according to each mission.

What to Expect…

Si Yuan missions are an opportunity to meet new people and discover another culture while developing new clinical skills. These are overall enriching experiences but a mission in a developing country is not without its challenges. Volunteers should be prepared for difficult working conditions: extreme heat, transportation on unpaved roads, work sites with limited sanitation, etc. It is recommended that volunteers have previous experience working in resource-limited settings.
GBF takes care of planning and reserving transportation, accommodation and meals throughout the mission. Excursions to learn about the host country’s history, geography and culture are included as an integral part of missions in order to better understand cultural differences, necessary to adapt treatment options for patients.
Fees to participate in a GBF mission vary depending on the mission and position being applied for.

Costs (paid to GBF)

  • Application fee: €50 non-refundable (to cover administrative costs of studying and sorting applications)
  • Local accommodation, transportation and meals as well as local translators and fixers (To cover local expenses, depending on each mission. This sum is to be paid in cash on site.)
  • Global Balance Foundation active membership valid for one year (in order to receive GBF insurance) : €45
  • Clinical Supervision or Observation Fee (only applicable to missions with Si Yuan instructors) : sliding scale as a donation to support GBF’s work

Individual Costs (organized by each volunteer)

  • Visa fees (depending on nationality and host country)
  • Airfare
  • Personal health insurance

What are GBF fees used for?

  • Operation costs of running an international NGO
  • Communication and outreach
  • Scholarships for acupuncturists
  • Educational materials for local health centres
  • Developing new projects