Local language: French Creole

Global Balance Foundation’s project in Haiti began at the beginning of 2017 when Balance Method student Dr. Serge Chalons, after hearing of the humanitarian mission in Cambodia, invited Si Yuan instructors to work with him in the region. Dr. Chalons has over ten years’ experience working on humanitarian projects in the Caribbean.

The first exploratory mission in April 2018 has set the basis for ongoing projects in conjunction with ESA Caraïbes. GBF founders visited and treated patients in seven different health centres to assess working conditions and build patient and local caregivers’ confidence in Balance Method acupuncture. This first mission successfully developed GBF’s presence in Haiti while building mutual trust with partners and patients.

GBF in Thiotte

GBF organizes an annual mission to Thiotte in southeastern Haiti at a local health centre. GBF missions last for roughly one week, including short cultural excursions.

Volunteers can also participate in this project independent of GBF scheduled missions at any time of the year to support the continuity of the program.

Volunteers work at the same health centre in Thiotte throughout the mission.
Acupuncturists will work primarily with a team of other acupuncturists. Acupuncturists will have the chance to see returning patients and follow-up on treatments.

The patient flow is organized by the health centre and structured according to the centre’s working hours.
Travel to Thiotte requires several hours over hilly and unpaved routes. Thiotte is situated at an altitude of roughly 1,000 metres. Depending on the time of the year, the weather can be chilly and most facilities are not equipped with heating or hot water.

Languages required for mission: French and/or English

Read the 2018 Mission Report – coming soon!