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“Enfants Soleils d’Avenir” fundation

Partner in Thiotte-Haïti, for the third year in 2020, of Global Balance Foundation (GBF), le “Fonds de Dotation : Enfants Soleils d’Avenir” (ESA), a Martinican and Caribbean organization, was created in 2010 to collect funds to support and finance projects in favor of childhood. Then the association “ESA-Caraïbes” was created in 2013 to carry out and support these projects.

Founded by Doctor Serge CHALONS, pediatrician, specialist in community health and disaster medicine, it brings together around twenty members across the Caribbean, mainly in Martinique, Haiti, Saint Lucia, and Dominica, all volunteers.

The funds collected are mainly small individual donations, and ESA’s accounts are regularly checked by a chartered accountant and an auditor.

In Haiti, ESA has chosen to focus its efforts around the City of Thiotte, in the Sud-Est department, a rural and difficult-to-access region where basic water, health, education and environmental services are very poorly developed.

In Thiotte, ESA has built relationships of trust and has been working for several years with community organizations and local authorities, very involved in improving the living conditions of their population, within the framework of a participative democracy and a sustainable agroecological development. ESA collaborates with them for the repair and extension of the water distribution system, the establishment of a natural park for the protection of the forest, the organization of medical missions and the schooling of children within community schools. ESA is also looking in Martinique, in the Caribbean and beyond, for technical and institutional partners and funding to support these different projects, and to set up cooperation and solidarity agreements.

In the Caribbean, ESA has also been developing a pediatric medical cooperation program since 2013, for specialized medical consultations and training, and medical or surgical treatment of children at the University Hospital Center of Martinique. Hundreds of children in Haiti, but also in Saint Lucia and Dominica, have already benefited from this program for specialized consultations in neurology or cardiology, and a dozen children have already been supported by ESA for cardiac interventions in Martinique.

Finally, in a Caribbean region subject to the risk of major natural disasters, ESA members coordinate citizen solidarity actions and humanitarian aid for the victims, as in Haiti after cyclone Matthew or in Dominica after cyclone Maria.

Helio Medical Supplies

Both Helio USA and Helio Australia support GBF missions by donating the necessary acupuncture supplies for all treatments.

Helio USA Inc. supports healthcare organizations, professionals, and volunteers all around the world.

We care about the global community and wish more people will learn about the benefits of Chinese medicine and natural healing.

We are proud to work with wellness and humanitarian projects such as Global Balance Foundation (GBF), Guatemala Acupuncture and Medical Aid Project, and National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) because they provide valuable help and education to populations in need.

We believe the superior quality of Helio products allows the ancient wisdom and practical knowledge of acupuncture to be applied in many effective ways.

Helio Australia – Quality TCM Supplies