Our Mission

Global Balance Foundation (GBF) is a non-profit association that develops healthcare resources for populations in need. By offering not only treatment but training in acupuncture and therapeutic massage, GBF brings low-cost solutions to people with little or no access to healthcare. GBF has no political or religious affiliations.

GBF works with communities on several levels:

  • Humanitarian Action

    GBF provides acupuncture treatments free of charge to communities in need, in close collaboration with local health practitioners in host countries.

  • Social Action

    The GBF team of volunteers use their health training to serve marginalized communities. GBF trains local health practitioners to ensure ongoing treatment and sustainable solutions.

  • Education

    GBF’s programs help licensed acupuncture practitioners as well as acupuncture students develop new skills while sharing expertise with local health practitioners in host countries.

  • Science

    GBF’s work contributes to ongoing research of acupuncture in varying geographies and social conditions with the aim of developing optimal protocols adapted to specific contexts.

  • Cultural Exchange

    While GBF founders encourage acupuncturists to develop humanitarian work as part of their acupuncture practice, working in other countries provides unique opportunities for mutually-beneficial cultural exchange. This is why GBF provides a platform to enhance mutual learning between partner associations, bridging the local and the global through patient/caregiver and instructor/student relationships.