Why Join a Mission?

Volunteer positions are available with Global Balance Foundation for licensed acupuncturists, acupuncture students and other volunteers interested in supporting GBF’s work.
Detailed information available on how to apply for a mission and upcoming missions.

For acupuncture practitioners, Global Balance Foundations’ humanitarian missions are a way to help people in need while developing new skills and exchanging with other acupuncturists from around the world. GBF provides an opportunity to gain internship hours while treating people in need instead of paying to intern in an acupuncture clinic.

What You Will Learn as an Acupuncturist

  • Make quick treatment decisions
  • Handle high patient volume
  • Communicate with patients from different cultural backgrounds
  • Refine protocols through comparison of similar treatments on different patients
  • Develop confidence and ease

For acupuncture students, GBF humanitarian missions offer a chance to learn and gain clinical skills under the guidance of experienced acupuncturists.

For non-acupuncturist volunteers, GBF humanitarian missions offer a chance for cultural exchange while helping develop local healthcare capacity for marginalized communities.

The feasibility of humanitarian projects in host countries is always assessed by GBF founders beforehand to evaluate the accessibility, environment and working conditions, as well as the physical requirements needed to participate in each mission.
GBF always sets up connections with responsible local partners for humanitarian missions to ensure a reliable working environment.

GBF offers its volunteers simplified logistics and enhanced cultural exchange through its network of partner organizations in host countries. Through GBF, volunteers gain access to a ready-made platform that provides the opportunity to learn and share with another culture.