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Bring balance to communities through sustainable healthcare.

Interested in volunteering or supporting the work of Global Balance Foundation? Become a GBF member and help bring affordable healthcare to those who need it most.
All members will receive regular updates about ongoing projects and outcomes.

Honorary membership is granted to volunteers and supporters who regularly give their time, energy and expertise to GBF programs.

  • Associate members

    Want to stay informed on GBF activities before becoming an active volunteer? Join GBF and learn and share with our global network of acupuncturists while supporting GBF’s work.

  • Active members

    Interested in joining a GBF mission or developing a humanitarian project? Become an active member to benefit from GBF support during missions. Membership provides access to GBF’s network of partner associations. Active members are eligible to become part of the GBF board after five years’ of continuous involvement in GBF activities.

  • Supporting members

    Do you share the GBF vision of bringing affordable healthcare to marginalized communities while supporting educational programming? Become a Global Balance Foundation supporter – contribute and help develop local healthcare capacity. Supporting members – whether sponsors or individuals – are recognized at GBF events and in GBF publications.